Marge Schott-Unnewehr Elephant ReserveEdit

Marvel at Jati, Mai-Thai, Shottzie II, and the Sabu the zoo's Asian elephants, and look as they get a bath.

JatisAsian Elephant

Dobsa Giraffe RidgeEdit

Feed snacks to Kimba and Tessa the zoo's giraffes on a tall boardwalk.

GiraffeMasai Giraffe

Greater Flamingo

East African crowned-crane

Monkey IslandEdit

Join the party of with a lively bunch of snow monkeys.

Japanese macaque

Night HuntersEdit

Night Hunters combines the best of the Cat House with the best of the Nocturnal House. Guests will feel like the prey as they walk past vampire bats, owl, leopards, other cats and creatures of the night. The only two aardwolves in captivity in the country are in this building. A bearcat and a tayra were born over the summer of 2011.

Eurasian Eagle owl

Pallas' cat



Clouded leopard

Pygmy slow loris

Common vampire bat



Giant Fruit Bat

Greater Bushbaby


Burmese python

Black-footed cat

Sand cat




Bat-eared fox

Fennec fox

Fishing cat



Siberian lynx

Gorilla WorldEdit

Explore and learn more about the world of the Western lowland gorilla.

Western lowland gorilla

Eastern black-and-white-colobus monkey

Grey's crowned guenon

Otto M. Budig Family Foundation Manatee SpringsEdit

Celebrate Florida Wildife, including alligators and the zoo's manatees, Betsy and Wooten.

Florida manatee

American alligator

American crocodile

Alligator snapping turtle

Knight Anole

Golden silk orb-weaver

Channel catfish


Grass carp

Alligator gar

Florida cooter turtle

Red-bellied pirahna

Florida water moccasin

Loggerhead musk turtle

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

Corn snake

Penguin WalkaboutEdit

Walk along teo small species of warm-weathered penguins.

African penguin

Little Blue penguin

Kroger Lords of the ArcticEdit

Get face-to-face with polar bears and eagles.

Polar bear

Barred owl

Bald eagle (spring 2012)

P&G Discovery ForestEdit

It's a green world after all, where sloths, macaws, snakes and toads are live right in front of guests.

Linnaeus's two-toed sloth

Blue-and-gold macaw

Boa constrictor

Cane toad

Rhino ReserveEdit

Watch black and Indian rhinos wallow in the mud.

Indian rhinoceros


Eastern bongo

Grey-crowned crane

Greater flamingo

Bar-headed goose

Grevy's zebra

Eastern black rhinoceros

Spaulding's Lorikeet LandingEdit

Feed lorikeets as they land on guests' heads, shoulders, and arms.

Black-capped lory

Chattering lory

Rainbow lorikeet

Weber's lorikeet

Cape-barren goose


Magpie goose

Nicobar pigeon

Pied-imperial pigeon

Ruddy shelduck

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Wolf WoodsEdit

Hike through the woods with river otters, foxes and howl with the wolves.

Grey fox

North American river otter

Eastern box turtle

Mexican wolf

Thick-billed parrot

Masked bobwhite Quail

Spaulding's Children Zoo

Feed goats, see some of the zoo's baby animals, touch live animals, climb on a spider web, and how with the wolves.



Parma wallaby

Bennett's wallaby

White-nosed Coatimundi

Southern three-banded armadillo

Nigerian dwarf goats

Baby doll sheep


Dexter cattle



Gibbon IslandsEdit

Watch as gibbons hoot and swing on giant jungle gyms all day long.


Buff-cheeked gibbon

Jungle TrailsEdit

Journey through the forest to peer at primates from Asia and Africa, including orangutans and bonobos.

Mueller's Gibbon

Lesser Adjuntant

Sumatran orangutan

Northern Luzon Giant cloud rat

Banded palm civet

Sugar glider

White-handed gibbon

Lion-tatiled macaque

Francois langur

Saddle-billed stork

Pink-backed pelican

Black-and-white-ruffed lemur

White-naped raven

Angolan colobus'


African-striped weasel

Garnett's galago

Eastern lesser grey bamboo lemur

Diana monkey

Yellow-billed hornbill


Dumeril's ground boa

Siegfried & Roy's White Lions of TimbavatiEdit

Catch a glimpse at the rare white lion.

White African lion

Wildlife Canyon and Sumatran RhinoEdit

See the only two Sumatran rhinos on display at a major zoo in the world, and other hooved animals.

Sumatran rhinoceros

Red River Hog

Sichuan Takin

Przewalski's Horse

Bactrian camel


Eagle EyrieEdit

Get face-to-face with two of some of the largest raptors in the world on flight decks in a large, free-flight aviary.

Steller's sea eagle

Andean condor

Red Panda Habitat

View and gawk at one of the cutest animals on Earth.

Red panda


Learn more about these mis-understood these rare scaly creatures.

Ackies dwarf monitor

Green tree monitor

Quince monitor

Crocodile monitor

Komodo dragon

Lemur LookoutEdit

Watch lemurs hop and dance around their enclosure.

Ring-tailed lemur

Wings of the WorldEdit

Peek into the lives of the penguin, hornbills and other winged wonders of the world. (the animal list below is not complete

Laughing Kookaburra

Blue-and-gold macaw

Scarlet Ibis

Golden conure

Rhinoceros hornbill

Bali Mynah

Raggiana bird-of-paradise

Thick-billed parrot

Blue-breasted kingfisher

Gouldian Finch


Crested Auklet

Pigeon Guillemot

Horned Puffin

King penguin

Southern rockhopper penguin

Inca Tern

Sea Lion FallsEdit

Bark with Duke and Callie the zoo's active sea lions.

California sea lion

World of the InsectEdit

Stop to sppreciate six-legged species like the giant walking stick and the leaf-cutting ant in the largest building in the world dedicated to invertebrates. (the animals list is not complete)

American Burying Beetle

Madagascar hissing cockroach

Eastern lubber grasshopper

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